Welcome to the BodyBarre™ Team, Beautiful Ambassadors!

We are thrilled to have you working alongside us to spread the love of the BodyBarre method around the globe!

This is the beginning of a beautiful thing, and we are so grateful to have you on our team as we grow this beautiful, life changing method!

You are part of the BodyBarre™ family, and you should always feel free to contact April with questions, promotion ideas, concerns, etc. anytime!

Email April@BodyBarre.com

Call/Text april at 281-650-1639.

Things to know:

Our certification training is a two day event, with a minimum of 6 hours per day, including breaks and practice time. The cost of the BodyBarre Certification Training is $399 per person and includes training and their printed manual.

We like to have a minimum of 10 participants at each training, to cover costs of the training, travel fees incurred, etc.

There is an optional Master Class that the studio can host, either the day before or in the hours before the training is scheduled, to promote bringing the method to their studio. The Master Class can be open to the public, exclusive to their members, or just for trainees. The fee for the Master Class is additional to the certification training, and is a flat fee of $150.

Tasks for Ambassadors:

Begin by making a list of possible fitness studios that may be able to host.

The studio should be well lit, have access to ballet barres (either portable or installed), mirrors, and the ability to hold at least 10 participants. (Chairs may be acceptable for training, provided they are the correct height and stable.)

Find contact information for the owner/studio manager/director and reach out to them with an email message (copy & paste if you like) and please CC us on the message:

Hello _________

I am the (city location) Ambassador for BodyBarre™, a rapidly expanding barre-fitness method that has recently been voted one of the top 5 Barre Workouts on YouTube.

We are currently seeking out studios who might be interested in hosting our Instructor Certification Trainings, and I believe yours would be a great fit. If you’re open to hosting, and would like to learn more about the method itself, I’d love to talk with you more about it!

To learn more about us, I invite you to look at our website www.BodyBarre.com, as well as view our many workouts on our YouTube channel, showcasing the BodyBarre™ method at www.YouTube.com/BodyBarre.

With Gratitude,

Your Name

BodyBarre™ Ambassador

email / phone

If and when one shows interest, reach out to April and we can help you coordinate and communicate to get a date set for the training!

To create awareness about BodyBarre in general and to gather clients for a  certification training:

Post BodyBarre™ material to all social media accounts on a weekly basis at minimum.  (Hashtags included) Tag BodyBarre / BodyBarre official when doing so. Feel free to repost any of our posts or pull content from below, from the portal, from our social media accounts, etc.

Share YouTube workouts to your personal FB page with links; You can even film yourself doing the workouts along with us on YouTube, and post to social media. Tag people you know who may be interested in participating.

Helpful Hashtags to copy and paste for your social media posts:

#barre #barreclass #bodybarre #barreworkout #barrefitness #barreburn #barreeveryday #barretribe #barrelove #barrelife #barreinstructor #barretraining #barrecertification #barreteacher #yoga #pilates #stretch #define #lengthen #inspire #fitspo #inspo #motivation #workout #exercise #chooseyou #healthylifestyle #loveyourbody #loveyourself #instagood #instafit #YOURCITY #YOURSTATE

Feel free to add any more you think are relevant!

Leave printed advertisements with local gyms, and businesses that you have a relationship with, i.e. salons, nail salons, restaurants, etc.

Spread the word! Tell anyone and everyone about BodyBarre, why you love it, and why you think it would be an incredible class to bring to your city!

Most importantly: again, Reach out to April, anytime, if you need advice, inspiration, unsure of how to respond to someone, etc. I am here to support and help you in any way!

Printable Ads and Social Media Posts


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Creator of BodyBarre: Paige Erwin