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BODYBARRE is a Pilates-based, ballet-inspired, total body workout that will define and lengthen your muscles. Our method focuses on breath with movement, and combines the flow of yoga with high-energy choreographed sequences, and Pilates-based abdominal exercises, that will leave feeling you lean and strong. Bodybarre was Created by former Broadway performer & professional dancer, Paige Dubois Erwin and has been voted one of the top 5 barre fitness workouts on Youtube.

If you’re interested in starting a career teaching barre fitness classes, or are looking to take your current barre fitness classes to the next level, Join us for an incredible two-day intensive training with Our BodyBarre Master Trainers.


If you are interested in attending a training in any of the areas listed below, please reach out to the designated BodyBarre Ambassador:


April Braun, Los Angeles, CA


Cherie Paul, Denver, CO

New York / New Jersey

Coming Soon


BodyBarre Home Studio, Houston, TX

Kristi Gross, Austin, TX

Mona Desai, Dallas, TX


KERRI KATz, Johannesburg, South Africa

We are on a global hunt for current and potential fitness instructors who LOVE the BodyBarre method and are willing to go above and beyond to spread the love and bring a bodybarre certification training to their city!

We are selecting a limited (but diverse) group of BodyBarre Ambassadors, who will receive a FREE training, ambassador compensation, BodyBarre merchandise and MORE!!

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