When you’re a newly certified instructor, it can be tough navigating the path to actually teaching in one or more studios. Here’s a helpful article on tips and tricks for marketing yourself and your classes to studios you hope to teach at!

Many studios will ask you to come in and “audition”, which can mean teaching anything from a 10 minute flow to running a full hour-long demo class. This can make even seasoned instructors nervous, but if you know the material and your teaching strengths, you can streamline this process in a way that will make you feel confident and comfortable, in any audition process.

  • Know your strengths….what series and flows in the BodyBarre manual are you most comfortable with? Practice teaching these series in a mirror or even film yourself teaching. Make sure you feel confident with your cueing and vocal projection during these series. Use your favorite series for the short audition flows.

  • Practice teaching your series favorites to others. A lot. Grab a couple of friends, grab some chairs and hold a barre class in your living room. Film yourself teaching to others and then go back and find things you can improve on.

  • Know your music. Until you are comfortable and knowledgeable about your song choices, use continuous mixes that do not start and stop. Use songs with NO LYRICS…..that way your class can focus on your cueing and your voice can be heard while teaching.

  • Be open to ideas & input from others. Ask your class what they liked and disliked and what you can improve on.

  • Offer to substitute teach to “test the market” at potential studios.

Once you do begin teaching at a studio or fitness center, it’s up to you to build your class. The studio should certainly help you market, but how can you draw people into your classes and gain a loyal following without spending a ton of money?

  • Pop-Up classes - hold a free or inexpensive BodyBarre class on a weekend or evening and invite EVERYONE you know and their friends. Have treats or even champagne afterwards. Make it a fun social event to spread the word about your class.

  • Social Media - Post, post, & post some more! Let people know where you are teaching and when. Post pics and video clips from your class. Make sure everyone you know, knows you teach BodyBarre, when your classes are and where!

  • Traditional Marketing - Don’t discount this! Design flyers or cards (use our BB logos and pics or take your own photos) and visit local businesses where your target demographic frequents. Nail salons, hair salons, cafes, shops, restaurants and more…..Ask to leave flyers in their business. More often than not they will be happy to hand them out for you!

  • Film a series and send it to us to feature on YouTube. Make sure you clearly announce your name & the studio / location where you’re teaching. We’ll edit & post…..then you share, share, share! :)

  • Get your studio website listed on BodyBarre.com.

  • Remember your client’s names. This is SO important and will create a personal connection between you and your class. Make sure to pay attention to each client that attends your class, offering corrections and positive reinforcement to let them know you care about them.

What’s worked for you when marketing yourself and your classes? We’d love to hear your ideas in our Facebook Instructor Group!