“Why BodyBarre?”

As a BodyBarre Instructor you will undoubtably be asked this question more than once. How will you answer them? You already know the amazing benefits of our method: it features intense cardio, toning and strengthening with zero impact, and it’s never the same workout twice! Seriously….what’s not to love? However, you may find it necessary from time to time, to break down the details for curious clients looking for more information about how the workout might benefit them specifically. Here are some helpful points to address when explaining the BodyBarre method, and barre fitness in general.

It fires up your CORE

With each isometric movement, you target the tiny muscles that may get ignored if you're just sticking to crunches. Plus, by repeating these small movements over and over again, you build up endurance. 

It improves your POSTURE

By maintaining an awareness of your posture in class, you'll find yourself aware of each time your shoulders slump forward at your desk or while lounging. Building on that core strength above, a stronger core also helps you to keep your back straight throughout your day, and with every BodyBarre class, you'll be standing a little taller.

We STRETCH and lengthen throughout BodyBarre class

Stretching prevents muscles from remaining tight, which could cause other muscle groups to not function correctly. So, not only does stretching in BodyBarre increase your flexibility, it also helps your muscles to perform correctly.

You don't need a dancer's flexibility to be able to take a barre class, but the stretching interludes between strengthening exercises will certainly help to increase your flexibility. Our classes focus on being both flexible and strong, rather than just pumping iron.

It is definitely a FULL BODY WORKOUT

Because BodyBarre classes use your own body weight to tackle different areas, you end up working multiple muscle groups at the same time, with zero impact. And remember, those isometric movements? Again, they help you to tackle smaller muscles that often get ignored. The result is a full-body workout that will leave you sore in the best way.

Have we mentioned it’s ZERO IMPACT?

BodyBarre class will definitely make you sweat, with our intense cardio bursts but you’ll never find yourself jumping, running, hopping, or performing any other movement that may be harmful to your joints. Compared to high-impact workouts, like running, BodyBarre is easy to stick with, without requiring breaks for muscle and joint rehabilitation. And we all know a long-term commitment means better results over time.

Zero Impact = LOW RISK

Because BodyBarre is zero-impact, that also means that it's low-injury. Less pressure on your joints means fewer chances of hurting yourself. Plus, you can even do BodyBarre while pregnant, as long as you are mindful of your body and notify your instructor, so that they can provide you with modifications and adjustments, depending how far along you are.

What are some of the reasons YOU love BodyBarre? What helps you get your clients in the door? Let us hear from you!!