September 2019 Instructor Playlist

An uplifting and motivating warmup song, into arms, with a beautiful flow series song to inspire movement! Planks, abs, Continuous mix, along with a retro style fun song and two cool down songs!

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Summer II 2019 Instructor Playlist

Some new re-mixes of newer hits, a Brand new Continuous mix, along with some fresh takes on old classic for a beautiful, extended-if-you-like, cool down and stretch.

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Summer 2019 instructor playlist

A fun, upbeat SUMMER playlist that will inspire you to create an uplifting class!! Enjoy!!

May 2019 Instructor Playlist!

4 great songs to get you started, a fun continuous mix, a “fun song” and 2 cool down selections! Let us know how this works out in your class!

April 2019 Instructor Playlist

This month we’re going to start releasing FULL playlists, from Warm-Up to Cool Down in the portal! We’re doing this via Spotify, so if you use another music streaming service, you’ll have to manually download the songs via your service, but the list is here for you!

Enjoy these tracks and let us know what you think!

Check out this fast-paced continuous mix that will take your cardio bursts to a new level of burn!! This is a little faster than some of the mixes that we frequently use, so utilize this one when you want a cardio-focused class!

This is “Ibiza 2010 Exlusives Mix” by CR2; Spotify link below or on Apple music / itunes