The BodyBarre International Online Instructor Certification Training is designed to be a 12-week self-paced program.

Your video submission will be due 12 weeks from the date of registration.

> Please note: This training is in ENGLISH only at this time, and is for Instructors living outside the United States only. <

$299.00 USD

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What you will learn

The BodyBarre™ International Online Instructor Certification Training will offer you the practical application skills and foundation from which to offer safe, smart, effective, engaging and fun class experiences to clients of all fitness levels. Upon completion of this training, each instructor will:

  • Have a solid understanding as to how BodyBarre™ is different from other barre methods and barre-fitness classes available today, and why the effective methodology, exercises, and choreography is a valuable training protocol for the general fitness population.

  • Know how to teach a safe, effective, and flowing BodyBarre™ class, utilizing rhythmic cues and modifications.

  • Be aware of all requirements and steps necessary in order to become a Certified BodyBarre™ Instructor.

  • Know how to demonstrate and teach to all levels in a group class setting.

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Once your registration is complete and your payment is Confirmed, students gain access to the BodyBarre™ Online Instructor Certification Page, where they have access to these materials:

  • The BodyBarre™ Instructor Certification Manual, with illustrated guides and BodyBarre™ series choreography

  • The BodyBarre™ Certification Training videos

  • The general BodyBarre™ class skeleton

  • Music recommendations for your classes

You will be required to send in a short video submission or video clips, upon completion of the training. This video should include a section from the floor portion of your class and a section of the barre portion of your class. Details about your video submission and a tutorial on how to submit your video are included in the training.

Must be over 18 years old. No prior certifications required.

This training is offered in english only. Your video submission must be in english.

NO cancellations or refunds will be offered on the BodyBarre™ Online Instructor Certification Training.

NOTE: Once video evaluation is completed, The BodyBarre Beauties Instructor Portal of $12.99 per month or $120.00 per year is required to maintain use of the BodyBarre™ trademark for classes. This ensures that your certification never expires. Additionally, brand new instructor exclusive choreography, new music recommendations, and more will be released every month.